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reverse engineering, hardware hacking, etc.

Cloning RFID cards

This post summarizes my experience with cloning RFID cards that I am using on daily basis. There is nothing new here, just a summary of well-known hacks that I found on the internet. Corporate badge At work we use 125KHz passive RFID badges which are easy to clone. Each badge has unique ID, so the first step is to read this ID. I have been using this DIY reader based on an Arduino:

MitM'ing my STB

My ISP is offering IPTV with a set-top-box (STB) device which is connected to the provider network and the TV itself: The only “user interface” for the STB is the remote control. I was curious to find out if the traffic between the STB and the provider is encrypted, so I decided to see what goes on the wire. The easiest way to do this is to create an ethernet bridge between the provider and the STB and then capture the traffic.